JuicePi Update

FansDreams JuicePi 2-in-1 hybrid power bank charger

Progress Update#1

Thank you all for your support of FansDreams(formerly iSwift)! We sincerely apologize for the long wait.
Here is the latest update on the production progress of JuicePi.
JuicePi update
First, we'd like to explain the situation after the project ended regarding the manufacturing process. In June, we completed the mold opening for JuicePi. As you know, during product development, design issues often arise. We discovered some structural problems internally. Our R&D team made tremendous efforts to come up with solutions, and we are pleased to have resolved these issues successfully.
Now we are conducting DVT (design verification test) on the product. If everything goes well, we'll start material preparation and line debugging for the pilot run. We expect to have the first off-tool samples validated in early August. If the validation passes, we'll commence mass production and bulk shipment in early September.
We are sorry we could not meet the July delivery timetable promised at the project launch. We have been working hard, but still hope to deliver a high-quality product to you all eventually. In the meantime, we have been optimizing the product continuously, changing the exterior from matte to glossy finish to make it more aesthetically appealing. We hope you'll like it!
Fansdreams JuicePi update
We'll keep you posted in a timely manner if there are any other changes to the production and delivery schedule.

Progress Update#2 (Aug. 11th)

Hi FansDreams Fans,
Thank you so much for your patience and waiting! Hope you are doing great!
Just want to let you all know the production progress of JuicePi. We have successfully completed the DVT (design verification test) and are currently in the process of applying for production verification, which we expect to be successfully passed within the next three weeks. Once this step is completed, we will move forward with trial production. If everything goes according to plan during the trial production phase, we anticipate commencing mass production by the end of September. This means that the product is estimated to be shipped out to you in October.
Our team has also worked to improve the functionality and aesthetics of JuicePi - the addition of an enhanced ambient light feature! We have widened the light strip, making it easier to check the battery level with just a quick glance. In addition, the original orange light that previously indicated a battery level of 50-75% has now been transformed into a soothing blue hue. We believe this new color will not only provide a refreshing change but also make it even easier to distinguish different battery levels.

JuicePi updateWe sincerely apologize for the late shipping and will keep you updated regularly. Thank you once again for your unwavering support and patience. We are committed to delivering a top-quality product and cannot wait for you to experience the remarkable features of JuicePi.

Progress Update#3 (Sept. 15th)

It has been some time since our last update on the production progress. We apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience. In order to provide you with an improved user experience, we have recently made optimizations to various product details last month.

We have enhanced our product by updating the appearance coat material to be more scratch-resistant, ensuring durability and visual appeal over time. Additionally, we also improved the material of the magnetic contact surface to enhance temperature resistance during charging, ensuring more secure and reliable performance.
JuicePi 2-in-1 hybrid power bank charger update

Starting next week, we will be commencing trial production to verify our enhancement of JuicePi. During this stage, we will be conducting rigorous testing to ensure the product meets our high standards. Can't wait to share some exclusive photos with you during this stage.

We sincerely appreacite your support and patience. Here is our recent production schedule, which we are diligently following. Rest assured that if there are any unexpected delays, we will promptly update you to keep you in the loop.

JuicePi schedule

Progress Update#4 (Oct.17th)

Dear JuicePi backers,
We would like to express our deepest gratitude for your patience and understanding during this process. We are excited to update you on the progress of JuicePi. The trial production phase of JuicePi has been successfully completed, and we are excited to share images of the products created during this phase. Kindly refer to the following pictures.

JuicePi 2-in-1 hybrid power bank charger

JuicePi 2-in-1 hybrid power bank charger

Now, we are currently conducting rigorous testing to ensure its superior quality. If they pass all the necessary tests and meet our high standards, we will proceed with preparing the materials and mass production, which is scheduled at the end of October. And we will promptly arrange shipping in November.

Our team is working diligently to bring this exceptional product to your hands as soon as possible. We truly appreciate your continued support, and we will keep you duly informed of any further developments.

Best regards,
FansDreams Team


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