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Differnces Between Pi and M Foldable Laptop Desks

Pi and M foldable laptop desk
Pi and M Folding laptop desk have become an essential accessory for many individuals who use it to work and study remotely. Some of our customers also use it as a car table. If you're considering purchasing one of them, you may have come across these two popular versions: the Pi and M. It's important to understand the differences between these two models to make an informed decision. Read on to learn more about the unique features of the Pi and M folding laptop desks.

1. Outer Material

One of the primary distinctions between the Pi and M laptop desks lies in the outer materials used in their construction. The Pi laptop desk is crafted using durable PU (polyurethane), providing a sturdy and robust platform for your electronic devices, and it is also water-resistant.
Pi foldable laptop desk and car table
On the other hand, the M laptop desk is made from eco-friendly wool felt, a material known for its lightweight and sustainable properties. The difference in materials also results in a variation in weight, with the M laptop desk being noticeably lighter compared to the Pi counterpart.
M foldable laptop desk and car table

2. Design and Transformation

The Pi and M folding laptop desks both feature a practical design that allows for easy portability and effortless setup. However, there are some notable differences in their transformation capabilities.
The Pi laptop desk is equipped with built-in magnets, which enable it to transform into a table in two forms and a laptop stand.
Pi foldable laptop desk and car table
This innovative feature provides users with the flexibility to adjust the angle of the stand to their preferred viewing position, making it suitable for various tasks and working styles.
In contrast, the M laptop desk focuses on simplicity and ease of use. With the strong velcro, you just need one second to transform it. Its straightforward design allows for quick and hassle-free setup, perfect for those seeking a no-frills solution for their workspace needs.

M foldable laptop desk and car table

3. Load Bearing Capacity

When it comes to supporting the weight of your devices, the Pi and M folding laptop desks differ significantly. The Pi fodable laptop desk exhibits impressive load-bearing capabilities, with the ability to sustain weights of up to 20kg(44lbs). This makes it suitable for larger laptops or tablets and provides assurance that your devices will remain secure and stable.
In comparison, the M laptop desk offers a more modest load-bearing capacity. While it is still highly capable, it can support weights of up to 5kg(11lbs). With this capacity, the M laptop desk is ideal for smaller devices and ensures reliable stability during use.
load bearing of Pi and M laptop desk

4. Additional Considerations - Size

In addition to these notable differences, both the Pi and M laptop desks come in a range of sizes to cater to different needs. The Pi laptop desk is available in two sizes: Standard and Max. The Standard size provides ample space for most laptops, while the Max version offers a larger surface area for those who require extra room.
Pi foldable laptop desk dimensions
As for the M laptop desk, it comes in three sizes: mini, standard, and large. The mini size, designed with children in mind, is akin to the size of an A4 paper, making it compact and suitable for younger users.

Wrap up!

In conclusion, the Pi and M laptop desks provide unique features tailored to suit various preferences. Whether you value material durability and versatility (Pi) or lightweight simplicity (M), both options offer reliable and convenient workstations for your laptop or tablet. Additionally, the different size variants allow for further customization and personalization, ensuring that there is a laptop desk suitable for everyone's needs. Choose the one that aligns seamlessly with your lifestyle and enjoy a comfortable and efficient working experience.


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