Pi Paper-thin Foldable Laptop Desk Review

Pi foldable laptop desk

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"This is typically what I'll use this Pi lap desk for either a travel companion or sitting on my favorite chair and doing some drawing or sketching. It's really easy to operate."

"It's kind of folding magnetism that really depending you know maybe you want to sit on the couch, maybe you want to lay in bed, maybe you want to be on the table, this could be a really cool option."
"I like it. I think this is great and the fact is it's small, so if you have a bag, and here is a 14-inch laptop, you can carry the two of those together in your bag or your luggage. "


REVIEW: iSwift Pi - Paper-Thin Folding Laptop Desk & Stand! (Lap Desk / Bed Table) — By OSReviews

"Typical laptop desks are made of wood or plastic and they're pretty bulky and large, but this one is using almost this folding origami design, but it claims to be sturdy enough to get work done and can also act as a stand for tablets and phones as well, so the entire design is quite clever and really lightweight."
"It is really slim when you fold it down. You can easily take it with you in a backpack when on the go and just store it somewhere without taking up any space."


“This is a collapsible laptop stand with magnets and origami shapes. As soon as you touch it, the quality is unmistakable. It feels really premium."
"It's really a healthy option guys, because since working from home was introduced, I almost spent like 7 to 8 hours in front of my pc, so having stretches of standing and working is really healthy."
"Folding it is just like a breeze. It becomes into this thin slab which can be carried or stored away easily ."

iSwift Pi / Thin Durable Laptop Desk For Bed and Office - Unboxing:vol.13 — By Imigram

Review: iSwift Pi Paper-Thin Durable Laptop and Tablet Desk Stand — By Edsel Jean

"There are also built-in magnets that helps snap into place while folding it. iSwift Pi changes your productivity to the next level. You can also do your work depending on the level you'd like. Its size is also good enough to place your laptop."

The BEST Laptop Stand for Travel? - iSwift Pi Paper-thin Durable Laptop Desk - By Primeval Media

"This is my MacBook Pro 16 inch and it definitely sits really well. It's very sturdy. I really don't feel any wobble to this. And for me, it's exactly at my eye level currently."

WOW Menariknya Benda Ni! Folding Laptop Stand for Working From Home | iSwift Pi Review — By Kirintello

Article Review

iSwift Pi is a laptop desk with origami superpowers - By the gadgeteer

"I like the iSwift Pi laptop desk because it is useful in a variety of places like a recliner, couch, bed, and even on a desk."
"The great thing about this laptop desk is that it unfolds to become an ultra-simple standing desk. It even has two different heights depending on the way you fold it."

iSwift Pi laptop desk review

iswift Pi laptop desk review by mensgear


"Working from home has never been more convenient and comfortable with the iSwift Pi. This versatile workstation adapts to your writing situation: whether you’re sitting down, standing up, or squatting."

iswift Pi laptop desk

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iSwift Pi: Paper-Thin Laptop Desk You Didn’t Think You Needed

"From the moment I received my iSwift Pi laptop desk, I could tell immediately that it was specifically designed for those working on the go. The desk is sleek and easily fits my backpack along with my laptop. This way, I can easily bring them with me when I travel."

"the Pi Laptop Desk by iSwift is a great choice for those looking for a laptop desk for everyday use. The desk’s efficiency and versatility sets it apart from others. If you’re looking for a more personalized workspace, this laptop desk is a great addition to your office."iSwift Pi paper-thin laptop desk, laptop stand and car table


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